Hi André,

that sounds interesting. What's wrong about the POI? In the function I created I also used the datatype information from the MetaData, which I guess would be an advantage. Sounds as if none of the chief-developers are really interested in this functionality. Perhaps you have an idea how the POI might be included into the project? Or are their any license issues I'm not aware of?

Gerd, Rob, Collin could any of you guys comment on that?

Anyway have a nice day


2006/12/12, André Schild <a.schild@aarboard.ch >:

I have made a small patch to be able to export results into excel files.

It does not use the apache POI, but the JExcelApi from Andy Kahn.
(Licensed under LGPL)


Currently this patch does almost the same thing as the CSV export (I did
not even cleanup the export dialog)
It also export anything as string values, so numeric values, booleans,
dates etc. are exported as string in excel.

Probably this could be refactored to be a plugin, but actually I had no
time to look at the plugin architecture.

The patch can be found in the BUG section of SF. (Bug ID 1613883)


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