Hi there,

perhaps we could expand the possibilities of the CSV export a bit by creating "real" Excel documents. I've been playing around with the POI project (http://jakarta.apache.org/poi/ ) and created a function that takes a JDBC ResultSet and the belonging ResultSetMetaData to create an Excel sheet from it. That gives the opportunity to keep the meta-data-information about data-types and format the Excel-Cells in a proper way.

Since I'm not a Java or Eclipse-Guru I would need some help with how to integrate the POI ressorces into SQuirreL, if some of you guys might find the feature of a direct Excel export interesting.

Next step might also be doing the thing vice-versa, so creating database tables from Excel-sheets.

I'd be happy to help extend the capabilities of SQuirreL which has become one of my favourite tools.

Have a nice weekend

Take care


P.S.: Sorry for sending this message to the wrong list first ;-)