Running 3.5 on Java 7 U 21 and I can't help but notice it seems slower than 3.4...While the timer function is nice, it looks like for the first 3-4 seconds it's not actually running the query. An extreme example is a query I run daily over a tbale to give me entries from the last 24 hours. Yesterday that query ran on 3.4 in about 15-20 seconds and returned 9 hits. Today, it took 199 seconds on 3.5.0 (the timer didn't even start for a good 20-30 seconds) and only returned one hit. The amount of hits were both expected

In an unrelated question (and I can open a separate thread on this if needed) is how to persist session properties, specially the 'load columns in background' setting

Thanks for all your help


Matt Ferreira