"The APP driver" - The IBM DB2 App Driver is a type-2 JDBC driver. This means you must install the DB2 client classes (dlls) on your client. You've probably already done this, but you should verify.
The driver is normally delivered in Do you have this in your classpath? (Either in SQuirreL's main classpath or in the Extra Class Path for the "IBM DB2 App Driver")
If you do, then you ought to find the class "" when you click the button "List Drivers".
Matt Dahlman

From: [] On Behalf Of Kreig, Vivian
Sent: Thursday, 26 June, 2008 11:51
To: Robert Manning;
Subject: [Squirrel-sql-users] Configuring Squirrel for IBM DB2 App Driver



I am still having problems with Squirrel 2.5 and my IBM DB2 App driver.  I have a big red X in front of the driver.

Does anyone have experience using this driver?


The driver is in the following location on my hard drive:




And I have class paths set to this.  The date of the file is 7/28/2003.


Is the case set correctly?


Thanks very much for any assistance.




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