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#48 Confusing behavior / 3 RFEs?


I don't know if you would classify this as a bug or a
RFE but here goes.
When you run a select , every time its run it opens a
new tab, yet when an inser or update is done the
information is displayed in the info panel on bottom
and not in its own tab. I think that a tab should be
opened for inserts and updates as well allowing you to
see the statement used as well as the # of rows
updated. This is the way things are displayed in
DBArtesan. where a 1 row 1 column resultset seems to be
brought back with the number of updated rows)
When an update / insert is run the focus seems to
return to the previous query result (not really but
when all that happens is the info panel gets the
output and the results of the previous query is
suddenly visible again it gives this apperance)
2) opening the same query in a new tab each time it is
run is fine but there should be a rerun button probably
in the info tab allowing rerunning the same query in
the same tabe.
3) The is now a main objetcts and SQL tabs. There
should be the ability to have multiple sql tabs to
allow me to keep the buffers of pervious queries
without mixing new queries. These can either be at the
same level as the SQL tab (perfered and it's the
behavior of DB Artesan) ) or nested under the sql tab.


  • KosherJava

    • priority: 5 --> 3