#457 Append to an existing MS EXCEL file

Rob Manning
General (118)
Donald Jones

email body: {I understand you can right mouse click and export the results of the current tab to an Excel file, but does Squirrel have the ability to append to a new work sheet in an existing Excel file for the multiple tabs?] Update Squirrel with the capability to export multiple result tabs and append the tabs to an existing MS Excel file. As an example, if the query results in 7 tabs, I woulld like the ability to export the 7 tabs into an Excel file as 7 unique work sheets.


  • wolfgang

    At least it should be possible in output to excel define the sheet name for a single result file.

    When I'm trying in 3.5.0 to export to XLS first time, it creates the files. With second result and using same XLS, it asks for overwriting. So I have to create a second XLS file and afterwards merge all those generated files manually together.