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#417 add a "view result" action on right click

Core (98)

It would be nice to have a "view result" action that would display a whole result on a single screen. The action would:
- Open a new temporary window for viewing field names and values by row instead of by columns.
- be available both on sql results and table and views
That would enable viewing a result details in one glance, when a table contains many columns, instead of scrolling side to side.

As an example, that action is available in quantumDb plugin for eclipse


    • summary: add a "view result" option --> add a "view result" action on right click
  • Just discovered the new "quick view". What I's like would be about the same (as the end result, once only one is selected), but directly accessible from the table tree view, from a right click on a single line.

    • labels: 381585 --> 796204
    • priority: 5 --> 9
    • labels: 796204 --> Core
  • John Hardin
    John Hardin

    +1. I added something similar to this for query results as a separate feature request #3453802