#961 When typing ushing shift, must release shift to type space


After upgrading to Squirrel 3.2.1 I have noticed that when i start typing while holding my shift key down, I have to release it to be able to add a space between words.

Example if i try to type SELECT * FROM TABLE, if i do not release shift for each space I will get this result SELECT* FROMTABLE, notice that you will be able to add a space while holding shift down after the *

I had to downgrade to 3.1 because of this.


  • Anonymous

    I have noticed this as well, and it can be quite painful when we have a standard for our SQL scripts which requires keywords to be uppercase, but fields to be camel case.

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  • Fixed in Subversion. The change will be available in the next snapshot and/or stable release.

  • This one was related to the RSyntaxTextArea. Within the RSyntaxTextArea, this is a feature (DumbCompleteWordAction is an action that completes the word at the caret position with the last word in the document that starts with the text up to the caret.).
    For Squirrel, we have disabled this functionality, so that SHIFT + SPACE will insert a SPACE.