#771 automatic column widths too narrow for headers

Colin Bell

When I run a MySQL query and see the results in the SQL query output window, clicking the "Adjust all column widths" or "Always adjust all column widths" option makes the columns too narrow when the width of the data is narrower than the width of the header text.

For example, if I run the query:
SELECT 1 as col1, 347821342143 as col2
The column header for the first column is truncated to "...", while the second column displays normally.

It seems that the adjusted width is based only on the size of the biggest column in the data, but the header is ignored. This makes it hard to read the output when there are many columns, several of which have been truncated to "...".

This behavior is running SQuirrel SQL version 3.0.1 on OS X 10.5.2, and I have also tried it with the latest snapshot, version Snapshot-20090421_1158, with the same results.

I am attaching a screenshot to show what the headers look like.


  • example of narrow automatic column widths