#603 zip files containing the non install version won't extract

Squirrel SQL
Rob Manning

I've been running into a problem with the generated zip files. Each subdirectory in the distribuition gives an error when its extracted. It complains that it can't create the directory. However after the error it then create each file and the directories that it resides in. This only appears to work in tugzip.. I tried extracting the zip archive in the windows xp zip extractor and it failed on extracting the doc directory.

Could someone check out the process and see what the problem is.


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    Rob Manning

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  • Rob Manning
    Rob Manning

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    The plain zip archives are created with the Java jar utility. The Jar file format is the widely used ZIP format. I just tested the 2.6.2 plain zips (that's what I happen to have at the moment on my pc), with the following tool:

    1. Winzip
    2. Jar command-line
    3. 7-Zip

    All of these tools had no problem extracting. However, in explorer I tried "Send to" Compressed Folders - which I believe is the native Windows way to extract zips. The only options were to Open, Explore or Copy the SQuirreL SQL Client folder. No extract option was presented. When I Open/Explore the folder all of the files are displayed. However, when I Copy the folder, only the first file in that directory is actually copied. I would be happy to switch to another archiving tool if it fixes this problem *and* can be invoked from the command-line *and* continues to work with commonly found tools such as WinZIP and 7-Zip. Jar is not as important, as it is not available with the JRE.


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