#328 2.1 final Oracle connection problem

Rob Manning
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Alp Sehic

I'm trying to connect Oracle9i Enterprise Edition
Release using Oracle JDBC driver,
so the process continues too long and SQuirrel can't
retrieve all the metadata (schemas, tables etc.), in
2.1 rc2 there were not such kind of problems, please
just check it out ...



  • Rob Manning
    Rob Manning

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  • Rob Manning
    Rob Manning

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    Yes, the behavior has changed in 2.1RC2 and 2.1final. Oracle
    has trouble with concurrent access to it's DatabaseMetaData.
    See this bug:


    So we have eliminated most concurrent access to
    DatabaseMetaData on the single connection. Obviously, this
    slows the down startup of the session window and most
    dramatically for Oracle. If you have a slow pipe (like a
    vpn) you may notice that it takes 30-60 seconds for the
    session window to appear (db schema object tree).
    During this time there are a number of database queries that
    are being done synchronously on the event thread. So the
    GUI looks like it's hung. This is another issue that we
    know about and are working on. For now, the best thing
    I can recommend to you is to get the latest JDBC driver and
    see if that helps connection time any. For me it has
    significant speedup. In my case I use the 10g driver
    against an Oracle 9i database server and it works great.

    Rob Manning

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