#289 Platform IME/Unicode not working


Not quite sure if this qualified as bug or feature, but
here goes...


- I have added "-Dfile.encoding=UTF-8" to the JVM
startup in squirrel-sql.bat.
- In the SQuirrel client I have set all fonts to ones I
am certain of containing the codepoints for Japanese
characters: "Arial Unicode MS".
- OS: Windows 2000 with Platform IME for English and
- Client version: 2.0RC1.
- MySQL version: 4.1.10
- Connector/J 3.0.14 JDBC driver (com.mysql.jdbc.Driver)
- The database is created with: "CREATE DATABASE test
CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci;". All
tables in the database default to the utf8 character set.

Observed behaviour:

- The SQL tab does not allow input of Japanese
characters using the platform IME. Any Japanese
character is shown as a question mark.
- Despite the previous, pasting Japanese text from the
clipboard to the SQL tab works and displays correctly.
- Executing SQL statement with string literals with
Japanese characters seems to work. However, Japanese
characters are written as question marks in the database.
- In the result tab, varchar fields that should contain
Japanese characters display a questionmark for each
- Making a field editable and inserting Japanese
characters again shows questionmarks for the Japanese
- Exporting a field to file results in a text file
containing questionmarks instead of Japanese characters.
- Importing Japanese text (encoded UTF-8) from a file
result in garbage characters (タクシー) being
displayed indicating the encoding is not understood.

Fix/feature request:

- Support for the platform IME.
- Honor the encoding and character set of the varchar
fields in the table/database schema.
- Assume text import is in the same encoding as the
field the import targets.