#1058 Changing connection tab focuses on Catalog combo box

Colin Bell
Core (461)
John Hardin

If multiple database connections are open, switching between their tabs moves focus to the Catalog combo box. If this is not noticed and the user immediately starts typing or attempts to scroll (thinking the focus is on the SQL query text editing pane) then the catalog selection changes, with related delays downloading schema and need to recover.

Changing to a different connection tab should leave focus on the main pane of the displayed sub-tab, e.g. the editing pane of the SQL tab.


  • Rob Manning
    Rob Manning

    I think to clarify, more precisely I believe you would like the focus to be left on whatever element had the focus in the "previoulsy" selected sub-tab. So, if the object browser tab was the tab previously selected, and within that tab a table had focus, you would want that to remain the case when you came back to this session tab from a different session tab. Is that correct ?


  • John Hardin
    John Hardin

    Yes, that would be reasonable.

    Perhaps on blur the database connection tab could remember the element that had focus, and restore that focus when the tab gets reselected. Not sure if that's feasible, though.

    Most importantly the issue is "don't shift focus to something totally unexpected".