Unicode and LaTeX

  • First of all, thank you for this great plugin ! It really helps to get track of those pesky spelling mistakes.
    Unfortunately, there is one feature I still miss, i.e. I want to specify some options given to aspell for the checking.
    I am writing German using UFT8 in my LaTeX documents, so I encounter spelling errors whenever there is a LaTeX command and common German words are not recognized by aspell because they contain UTF8 characters instead of the ANSI ones. Both could be cured by using -t and -encoding=utf-8 options of aspell, but I see no options related to this in the plugin configuration dialog. Also, I was not able to find your sourcecode because here on SourceForge there is only the dll and the zipped dll. Well, is there any chance to implement some of these options ?

  • Karim Sharif
    Karim Sharif

    The version of Aspell supported on Win32 does not include those extensions unfortunately.

    In recent years, we've been working on a port to the hunspell library, which will be managed internally. Work on this however has been slow since it's a hobby job, not a real one.

    There is no more support for the old version, I've not updated it in almost 3 years, nor will I do any work on it, since it's hard enough to keep up with the new code base.

    Thanks for your support.