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new SquidModel version

SquidModel Project
Author: Fedotov Victor, Russia, Samara vtwww@yandex.ru
Project homepage: http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/squidmodel/

Module: GUI
Language: java
Developer IDE: NetBeans

2009-02-10 [internal administration]
Added a user "ID" field in internal administration and this field
present in squid.conf file. This options needs by sqmodControl
for adding a user list from squid.conf into database. This "ID"
been a use in simple logaccess database... read more

Posted by Fedotov Victor 2009-02-10

new version

supporting Russian language interface
avialable tgz package for Slackware based distros.
rpm and deb package in progress...

Best regards

Posted by Fedotov Victor 2008-11-25