i have some problems with lzma patched squashfs, i wish i ll find help on those forum :)

when i m in m y chroot all files files works right for exemple i installed vlc and try that command within the chroot and seems lauching fine

now i rebuild the squashfs with the patched mksquashfs (all modules are ok in the kernel squashfs/sqlzma/unlzma)

once booted i have many many bad permissions (700) many files in /usr/bin are 700 mode no more 755

so gnome do not start or apps are not working ...

if i then try to chmod +x it i have a very strange file... all those type of files are the same!!!

starting with <?xml...

some others tell : file is not ELF....

and last problem with casper or live initramfs i have to chnage the mount line because it wont mount the squashfs froml /dev/loop0 say the device do not exist, wich is crazy since i just type the command manually and it boot normally!! (from busysbox at this point)

i tried many mksquashfs otpions -all-root differents block size or lzmadic size , same thing :(

please help :)

let me know if you need more infos or log

thanks a lot