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Recover data from a truncated sqfs file


    Hello all:
    I've recently run into a sticky situation using the sqfs file system. 

    I had a hard drive failing and so copied several sqfs files off it to another hard drive.  During the copy, one of the sqfs files was truncated due to running out of space.  I failed to catch this and now its 300MB short.  I HAD a DVD backup but I cannot read the DVD any longer so I no longer have a backup.

    This sqfs contains 4 years of Holiday and vacation photos and was originally 3GB in size.  This is a huge loss of photos for me that has much sentimental value.

    Having said that, I have tried to unsquashfs the file but get the following error:

    Parallel unsquashfs: Using 1 processor
    Lseek failed because Invalid argument
    Read on destination failed because Bad address
    FATAL ERROR aborting: uncompress_inode_table: failed to read block

    Also, when I try to mount as a file system, the error message is:

    attempt to access beyond end of device
    07:41 rw=0 want=2840340 limit=2506428
    SQUASHFS error: sb_bread failed reading block 0x2b5713
    SQUASHFS error: unable to read uid/gid table

    Is there a way to ignore the seek errors and extract any and all files possible using unsquashfs or to mount the file system ignoring the errors?

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Best regards.