Files and fs > 2^32 Byte

  • I like squashfs very much but I'm annoyed about
    the (2^32 - 1) Byte (4 GB) limit for single files and the filesytem.
    Of course I can imagine that this comes from 32 bit integers, but where is the problem to "just" change this to, say, 64 bit. This would push the max. limit very very high.
    Is there a kernel issue with 64 bit integers, a coding issue in squashfs or lays the problem in the compression?
    Would it be to complicated to change to 64 bit?

    • This is actually the first time I've seen this message.  By now you should have seen that Squashfs 3.0 (released March 2006) and later versions support larger than 4GB files and filesystems.  Extending Squashfs to 64 bits took over a year of effort.