Sql unit intergrate with webtest

  • chaohua wang
    chaohua wang

    Hi Folks,

    I downloaded sqlunit-5.0.zip file. 
    I also read http://webtest.canoo.com/webtest/manual/sqlunit.html about
    SQLUnit Integration with webtest. And run the test case:

    ant sqlunit-nested canoo2html -Dtestdir=test -Dlog.format=canoo
    -Doutput.file=results.xml -Dwebtest.style=WebTestReport

    after generating webpage results.html file. Its layout is all right, but
    no color and picture in the page, it is all white background. I don’t
    know the reason why, it should have some color. Does anyone have the same issue? it is a bug ot I missed somthing. 

    I attached this generated page for your review, Please help.