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SQL Orm / News: Recent posts

v1.0.11 gold released

New stuff in this release

  • Added sqlorm-with_src.jar to the sqlorm.zip containing both classes and source files for better integration with IDE's.

  • Added ConstantsDump and wrote comprehensive documentation for it.

  • Added ResultSetForMetaData for improved access to ResultSet data.

  • Added support for the generated constants of ConstantDump in SelectBuilder

Upgrade guide: just replace sqlorm.jar

Posted by Kasper B. Graversen 2008-05-13

v1.0.11 Beta released

Another release of sqlorm. This time supporting database refactoring through the "ConstantsDump" tool. See the comprehensive documentation online!

Posted by Kasper B. Graversen 2008-04-21

v1.0.02 released

Simpe update:
More fluid SelectBuilder.
Now you can chain e.g. an ORDER BY on an and(). See the test cases for more details.

Posted by Kasper B. Graversen 2008-03-08

First download available

The first available compiled jar has been released. While SQLOrm is envisaged as a bigger framework, the current release focuses on dynamic sql generation.

Posted by Kasper B. Graversen 2008-02-26