Hi Oleg & thanks for your answer

> > - Is there a possibility to use SQLObjects to access data of two (or more)
> > different DBs at once? This is e.g. the case where you're importing data
> > from an external source.
>    It is possible - every SQLObject method accept a connection parameter.
> Open two different connections and pass them as needed.

Ah, I'll try that.

> > - Inserts into a DB are painfully slow when there are many rows.
>    Then do not use SQLObject for bulk insertion. Use sqlbuilder.Insert().
> Search for examples in the archive of the mailing list.

Yes, that's just a bit awkward and you kind of loose sqlobject's abstraction.

> > There
> > should be a possibility to queue up the inserts and perform them using a
> > single query
>    Patches will be gladly accepted.

I'll take a look. The problem is, we're currently on 0.7 and I wouldn't think adding something to this version is likely to run on svn HEAD, right? Maybe we could switch to HEAD. How stable is HEAD then?

> > - Deleting rows is equally slow. From what I can see, there is no
> > sresult.destroy() (or something) that would allow deleting many objects
> > with a single query.
>    sqlbuilder.Delete(). Do not forget to clear connection caches -
> connection.cache.clear()

Ah yes, I was actually aware of that. But unless I'm getting something wrong,using sqlbuilder.Delete results in the following statements:

conn = sqlobject.sqlhub.getConnection()
conn.query(conn.sqlrepr(Delete(Klass.sqlmeta.table, Klass.q.otherKlassID = 10)))

What I would like to do is pass an sresult directly:

sqlobject.Delete(Klass.selectBy(otherKlassID = 10))

or even

Klass.selectBy(otherKlassID = 10).destroy()

Or am I missing something?


PS: I'm really sorry about that large signature, but, unfortunately, changing it is beyond my reach. It's our proxy that adds it (same as it inhibits using a web mail client...).


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