Hi, All
I am a beginner in SQLObject.
I learn it follow http://www.sqlobject.org/SQLObject.html.
Now, I met a problem about "sqlmeta.addJoin"
because the table Person is exist in my DB, so I wrote codes like this:
from sqlobject import *

sqlhub.processConnection = connectionForURI('mysql://root:123456@localhost :3306/test')
class Person(SQLObject):
    fname = StringCol()
    mi = StringCol(length=1, default=None)
    lname = StringCol()
if __name__ == "__main__":
    Person.sqlmeta.addJoin(MultipleJoin('Address', joinMethodName='addresses'))

run it, it works fine. but there is no new column addresses in the Person table.
could you tell me why?

Best Regards,
Thomas Che

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