Found the stuff in the FAQ on about how to do compound issue is close to this:

I have a table with two keys, and it is a many to many relationship.  The keys are both have forein key constraints with other tables in the schema. 

The primary key of this table is defined as a compound key made up of both fields...

After looking through the faq, and thinking a bit, I cobbled some code together which does not seem to work.  Help?

This is my current sqlobject:

class FileIndex(SQLObject):
    class sqlmeta:
        table = 'file_index'
        idName = 'file_name'
        idType = str
        fromDatabase = True
        #cacheValues = False
    def _init(self):
    def _get_SFIR(self):
        return self._SFIR

class SOFileIndexRecord(object):
    def __init__(self, so):
    def _get_code(self):
        return self._so.code
    def _set_code(self, value):
    testCode=property(_get_code, _set_code)
    def _get_fileName(self):
        return self._so.fileName
    def _set_fileName(self, value):
    fileName=property(_get_fileName, _set_fileName)

This is the table as it stands according to my schema:
create table file_index (
    code varchar REFERENCES metainfo (code),
    file_name varchar REFERENCES files (file_name),
    PRIMARY KEY (code, file_name) );