Thanks Oleg
I am coverting code from sqlobject 0.6.1 to 0.7.7
and in 0.6.1 they used to have
self._SO_creating attribute which we do not have in 0.7.7
is there anything that I can use instead of _SO_creating

On 6/12/07, Oleg Broytmann <> wrote:
On Mon, Jun 11, 2007 at 04:24:11PM -0400, Stanko Petrovic wrote:
> class Testadd(so.SQLObject):
>    class sqlmeta:
>        style = so.MixedCaseStyle(longID=True)
>        table = 'testadd'
>    Name = so.StringCol()
>    BufferSize = so.FloatCol( default = 0.0 )
>    def _set_BufferSize(self, value):
>        if value != self._SO_get_BufferSize():
>            value = 1.0
>        self._SO_set_BufferSize(value)
>    def _get_BufferSize(self):
>        return self._SO_get_BufferSize()
> t2=Testadd(Name="test6")

  You are creating a new row; the row hasn't been instered yet, so it
doesn't have an id. But before setting the new value in _set_BufferSize()
you ask the database about the previous value. How can SQLObject answer the
question without knowing the id of the row? It cannot, hence the error:

> This fails with error line 1124 in set
> raise AttributeError ......
> Testadd object has no attribute 'id' (with attribute 'BufferSize')

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