I have a legacy table that I’m trying to update.  It has an integer primary key that works fine for most of what I’m doing.  But, in some situations I need to update a record based on values in 2 other fields.  Below is a snippet of the def:


class OrderItem(SQLObject):

    class sqlmeta:

        style = Style(longID=True)

        idName = 'orderItemId'


    orderItemId = IntCol()

    orderNumber = IntCol()

    lineNumber = IntCol()


What I need to do is find out if the orderNumber/lineNumber combination exists and if so, do an update of the attributes instead of adding a new record.


I suppose I could do a select and return an object and then do a get based on the orderItemId, but that seems cumbersome.  Is there something I can do so that I can perform a get against 2 columns, orderNumber and lineNumber in this case, something similar to:


X = OderItem.get(orderNumber=1234, lineNumber=1)