Found a problematic part. Will fix it tomorrow.
Kind regards,
Miroslav Stampar

On Wed, Mar 14, 2012 at 6:42 PM, buawig <> wrote:
> Also, "Ignore" should be suitable for your
> case when you don't want sqlmap to follow the redirection.

This still does not work for me.
If I choose "[3] Ignore". sqlmap still sends requests to the redirection
There are even scenarios where sqlmap doesn't detect an sqli due to this
behaviour, if the content on redirecton site A is the same as the
content on redirection site B.
I worked around this issue by creating a static DNS entry for site B +
putting some random stuff on the requested redirection page (just that
sqlmap sees a difference between A and B).

I'm using r4864.

Miroslav Stampar