Commit Date  
[r23] by tabuleiro

bumped version number to 1.3, since databases saved with the SQLite 3.3.4 engine can not be opened by earlier versions of this (or any other) SQLite compatible program.

2006-02-17 20:13:52 Tree
[r22] by jmiltner

bumped version number to 1.3

2006-02-16 10:13:54 Tree
[r21] by jmiltner

table popup list is now sorted by table name

2006-02-16 10:13:34 Tree
[r20] by jmiltner

updated to sqlite 3.3.4 sources

2006-02-16 10:11:47 Tree
[r19] by tabuleiro

Updated to SQLite-CVS 04/28/05 - critical fixes
Changed to UTF8 encoding using Qt functions, should work cross platform without the need to byteswap the data stored in the db file

2005-04-29 04:26:04 Tree
[r18] by tabuleiro

updated app.plist version info

2005-04-05 13:04:42 Tree
[r17] by tabuleiro

updated to SQLite 3.2.1 - added check for SQLite 3 header when opening a db file

2005-04-05 04:15:01 Tree
[r16] by jmiltner

exposed StringFromUTF16 utility function so it can be used from within form1.ui.h

2005-03-24 16:51:35 Tree
[r15] by jmiltner

fixed result processing for executing sql queries input by user

2005-03-24 16:02:18 Tree
[r14] by jmiltner

fixed icon for "create index" (Tracker ID #1116057)

2005-03-23 15:11:59 Tree
[r13] by jmiltner

updated to use sqlite 3.2.0

2005-03-23 14:56:47 Tree
[r12] by jmiltner

added AppleEventHandler for "open document" events (Mac OS) to allow dropping of documents onto application to open them

2005-03-23 14:53:31 Tree
[r11] by tabuleiro

*** empty log message ***

2004-07-20 20:29:51 Tree
[r10] by tabuleiro

*** empty log message ***

2004-07-20 18:44:41 Tree
[r9] by tabuleiro

pre-1.01 adjustments

2003-10-02 13:59:37 Tree
[r8] by tabuleiro

fixed inconsistent line ending

2003-09-14 16:09:25 Tree
[r7] by zanzi

Added PRAGMAs editing.

2003-09-10 07:15:19 Tree
[r6] by tabuleiro

usability fixes and correction of line endings, version 1.01

2003-09-09 22:46:52 Tree
[r5] by tabuleiro

changed name of binary generated after build

2003-08-22 03:23:53 Tree
[r4] by --none--

This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'start'.

2003-08-21 02:24:28 Tree
[r3] by tabuleiro

Initial import

2003-08-21 02:24:27 Tree
[r2] by root

initial checkin

2003-08-14 21:11:44 Tree
[r1] by --none--

Standard project directories initialized by cvs2svn.

2003-08-14 21:11:44 Tree