How to install on Windows? Where are docs?

  • Hello. I am not familiar with sqlitebrowser and I downloaded a Windows zip version.

    1. Do I just unzip this to a directory of my choice?
    2. Or does it have to be compiled, as on Linux?
    3. If it has to be compiled, what else do i need? (I am running Windows XP SP2.)
    4. How do you compile on Windows?
    5. Also, where is the documentation?  I don't see it here on SourceForge.

    Thank you!

  • Just unzip the file, there is nothing to install, as the .exe is self contained and will not add any dlls to your system or entries to your registry. You can run it from any place in your system.
    There is no documentation other than the built-in "what's this?" help.