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New proj. release based on SQLite_Browser

  • ppkciz

    New QT4 projekt release based on SQLite_Browser class C++ qt3 but work on xml, xslt, sql, table to enable trasform to other format.. So you can generate pdf, latex, html , and other 100 of format...

    I work very much xml xslt but unfortunately i not found a valid xslt Debugger.
    A this reason in a weekend i have written a xslt debugger, to enable to find file error or mistake.

    To generate xml table i have use the new porting class from qt4 SQLite_Browser class.

    I published this Projekt today on

    Muito obrigado para Mauricio.

    • Hi. Congratulations to you for starting a new open source project, I hope you get a lot of contributions.
      I tried to check the .exe but could not run it in one of my systems as it is missing a library (mingw runtime probably.) Worked great on another machine where mingw runtimes were present.
      Good luck!

    • ppkciz

      Tanks this is my 2° projekt... the first
      have moore as 600 downloads on the first 2 months..

      I do not understand why library is missing? i tested dependency.exe and i run the  installer over 3 pc from friends .... and i not find trouble...

      I must learn VS... my friend bring me 6 CD over 3GB of data, is this Visual Studio 2005 fullversion?