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SQLite Database Browser 1.3 for Qt4

  • Emmanuel

    FYI I have created a patch that enable compiling SQLite Database Browser with Qt4. This is helpful especially for Windows developpers because there is no such thing as an open source version of QT3. The first open source version on Windows is QT4.

    • This is just great, Emmanuel. Would you consider merging your changes to the CVS account of the project? If you want to join, I can give you CVS access. This would be great, and moving to Qt4 would also help the project get a much needed boost.

      Mauricio Piacentini

    • Emmanuel

      Mauricio, I would be happy to, this is a great and useful project! Please email me the instructions and I will take care of it.

      • I just added your sourceforge net account (saintlou) as a developer of this project. So in a few moments you should have CVS access to the project. Are you familiar with CVS? Sourceforge has several tutorials on it. You can now checkout the project sources (which I suppose you already did), and merge your changes to it, committing the ported code to the main CVS tree. We can then make a new release based on your changes (2.0 maybe?)


    • Pit Zyclade
      Pit Zyclade

      Where can I post a bug of SQLite Database Browser 1.3 at WinXP? Here?
      And who can solve this problem (bug) speedy?

      • Jens Miltner
        Jens Miltner

        > Where can I post a bug of SQLite Database Browser 1.3 at WinXP? Here?

        As far as solving the problem - why don't you let us know what the problem is before asking us how speedy this can be resolved?


    • Eddie Castelli
      Eddie Castelli

      Despite this here is One year old I give it a try by adding my 2c.
      I downloaded your project and use it for my iPhone data. Pls let me ask a few questions.
      [1] Is there already already a time table for a next release?
      [2] once my data are in Excel I can't convert/format the "date" field
      [3] I tried to change some of the data in a trial file, then export it. unfortunately the changes where not stored.
      [4] is there any tutorial for DAU's ;)

      Otherwise I like your simple approach. Nice work and keep it up. Hope to see soon a new version.