SQLite Browser dont find msvcr71.dll.

  • Pierre Rougier
    Pierre Rougier


    My OS Windows 2000 Pro.
    I have try to run "SQLite Database Browser.exe"
    It dont start and say it dont find msvcr71.dll.
    I search msvcr71.dll on my PC, find it, copy in the same directory than "SQLite Database Browser.exe".
    Now it seen working.



    • Thanks, Pierre. Yes, the latest version binary for Windows was compiled against Qt 3.3.5 and Visual C++2003, so it needs the VC runtime. It is usually present in the system folder already in most Windows installations, but we should add a note about this in the readme for the next release.

    • Emmanuel

      I ran into the same issue on Vista. Unfortunately on that platform Visual C++2003 or older run-time is not going to work.
      I wanted to recompile with VS 2005 and contribute back the result. However I have not located the a QT 3.x version that I need to do that work (and I cannot use 4.x since it is not source compatible with Qt 3.x).
      If some brave soul with the proper environment would make a new build that would statically link with the libraries instead of the DLLs that should solve it.

      • Emmanuel

        OK so since I was stuck and it is not possible to get an open source version of Qt3 I downloaded the free version of Qt4 and ported SQLite Database  Browser (you can download those changes with patch: [ 1775182 ])
        Now I can rebuild for Vista without having to worry about those pesky msvcr71.dll