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Ca SQLiteBr 1.2.1 be used with sqlite 3.2.1?

  • e_jim


    Are sqlite 3.2.2 database files compatible with sqlitebrowser 1.2.1? Can I safely use it to work with databases created using version 3.2.2 of the sqlite library?

    I've been unable to find any info on the site about the database file format for 3.2.2 and if it has changed from 3.2.1.

    If anyone knows something about this, please let me know... Thanks!

    • Jens Miltner
      Jens Miltner

      Yes, sqlitebrowser should work fine with 3.2.2 created databases. According to, 3.2.2 was a minor update with some speed improvements and code size reductions, and it specifically says there was no reason to upgrade, which IMHO implies that nothing has really changed in the database file format.
      Besides, AFAIK, sqlite has kept the database file format unchanged except for the transition between version 2 and version 3, which seems to be the overall goal to allow (and, BTW, since sqlite is an embedded database, is also in a way required, as it's not necessarily easy to change the database for exisiting apps (e.g. if they're bound to a static link library instead of a dynamic lib))
      If you want to be 100% sure, just run a test with a copy of your database