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Need better data entry.

  • Andrew Fleenor
    Andrew Fleenor

    Besides the relatively minor issue I posted in the help forum, this program seems to need better options for data entry. Double clicking on every cell, typing, then clicking on "apply changes" is tedious, especially for wide records. The dialog-based system in general, while fairly sensible, need streamlining.

    Is there a trick I don't know about that speeds this up?

  • I'm kind of with you on this issue.

    The reason I'm using sqlitebrowser is that I need sqlite as a "local" database for a REST client (flightgear launcher wip).

    So ideally I want:
    a better interface for dataentry, eg it should match a datatype eg date = datepicker,
    setting the order
    ability to batch enter and copy lines above.
    creation of simple dialogs for entry, inclusing setting labels, field order and some simple help (m$ access  like)