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ASE 0.3.0


  • Solution updated to .Net 4.0 with Visual Studio 2013 (support from Windows XP to Windows 8.1).
  • SQLite library updated to 1.0.94 (supports SQLite 3.8.7).
  • SQL Server CE 3.5 library updated to SP2.
  • IText library updated to 5.5.3.
  • Firebird library updated to 4.5.1.
  • MyXLS library changed by NPOI.
  • The libraries are now referenced from NuGet packages.
  • Cleaning code.
  • The code now compiles with MonoDevelop / Xamarin Studio (tested in version 5.4).
Posted by CESAR NAVA 2014-10-25

ASE 0.2.1


- Added the functionality to show results as text, or to send them to file (now is possible to export results and tables to some of the most popular formats of files).

- Added menu contextual in table of results, and in text of results.

- Added indicator of type of opened database, in tree view.

- Added show columns size of type char (char, varchar, nvarchar, etc.) in tree view.

Posted by CESAR NAVA 2008-03-01

ASE 0.2.0


- Added the functionality to create new databases, on the screen Connect to Database.

- Added screen to create tables (Tables's designer). To enter it, it is necessary to give click with the right button in the folder Tables.

Posted by CESAR NAVA 2008-02-11

ASE 0.1.4


- Fixed bug to open Firebird's databases.

- Updated SQLite to 1.0.48.

Posted by CESAR NAVA 2008-01-18

ASE 0.1.3


- Added to show indexes of tables, in tree view.

Posted by CESAR NAVA 2007-12-27

ASE 0.1.2


- Added the options to open / save files.

- Added the key sequences of direct access (control+x, control+c, etc.).

Posted by CESAR NAVA 2007-12-20

Initial release.

Initial release. This version only supports to open existing databases, and to do consultations to the same ones. It needs .Net Framework 2.0 to be able to execute.

Posted by CESAR NAVA 2007-12-12