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new release sqlcockpit-1.23 is out

New release sqlcockpit-1.23 is out. This means many bugfixes and improved and new features.
Installation is much easier now, but it is still source code!

Posted by Georg Erlacher 2004-10-11

release 0.2.3 is out

sqlcockpit's new release 0.2.3 is out. Check it out!

Posted by Georg Erlacher 2003-01-06

new mail adress

Please contact me under the mail adress
since my sourceforge adress doesn't work!

Posted by Georg Erlacher 2003-01-06

Homepage restored

The homepage got an update: A site with known bugs, a link to the 'nightly cvs tar ball', an update of the 'features' page, some helpfull links, etc.

Posted by Georg Erlacher 2003-01-06

Inserting datasets: Bug fixed

There has been a bug in the insert form of sqlcockpit.
Due to this bug sqlcockpit was not able to insert new datasets
under certain circumstances. Inserting datasets should now work
now. At least, I used it with mysql datasets and simple asci data.

Posted by Georg Erlacher 2003-01-02

Plotting system, statistics

The chart plotting system became even better! It is now possible to manage multiple images with different data and options within one interface.

The module installation scripts ppm.pl and cpan.pl are working better.

The histogram-statistics module is now working well.

Posted by Georg Erlacher 2002-06-08

sqlcockpit plotting system

In release sqlcockpit 0.2, a nice and interactive data and function plotting system is included. You can use this module from within perl/Tk programs or
standalone (try ./lib/Tk/plot.pl of your installation)
Have fun! Georg

Posted by Georg Erlacher 2002-05-23

sqlcockpit's new release 0.2 is out!

I made some approvements in the sqleditor to
make editing of sqlstatements more comfortable.

Posted by Georg Erlacher 2002-05-18