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SQLAnyware / News: Recent posts

SQL Anyware Flex 0.5.1 version available

Fix bugs of the previous release

Posted by Sébastien FOUCAULT 2008-04-16

SQL Anyware Flex version available

New Adobe Flex version available
- Tested with JDK 5.0 under Tomcat 5.5

Posted by Sébastien FOUCAULT 2008-04-10

SQLAnyware 0.5.3 released

SQLAnyware 0.5.3 released

Posted by Sébastien FOUCAULT 2005-06-22

SQLAnyware first release !

The first release of SQLAnyware, a generic JDBC client, is available. This tools allows to access any database accessible through JDBC using a web interface and to manage dynamically these connections.

Posted by Sébastien FOUCAULT 2005-05-14