Spyce 2.0 beta released

Spyce 2.0 beta is available for download: http://spyce.sourceforge.net/docs/get.html.

The main Spyce site (spyce.sourceforge.net) has been updated with the new docs, examples, and demos.

Full changelog is here: http://svn-hosting.com/svn/spyce/trunk/spyce/CHANGES; highlights include

new-style active tags
- http://spyce.sourceforge.net/docs/doc-tag_new2.html
OpenACS-like (Tiles-ish, for you JSP people) parent/child templating system
- roughly the same speed as include.spyce, so using one parent template
has about 1/2 the overhead as the old standard
- http://spyce.sourceforge.net/docs/doc-tag_core.html#parent
Active Handlers
reusable components without the leaky abstraction of ASP.NET et al.
- http://spyce.sourceforge.net/docs/doc-lang_handlers.html

Posted by Jonathan Ellis 2005-05-04