I run two Spyce servers on my machine. One is used rarely by only me and the other is used extensively by lots of users. Last week I helped another guy (with a different userid) setup and run yet another Spyce server on the same machine. Then the following happened soon thereafter on my heavily used Spyce server:

 Unexpected exception: (please report!) Traceback (most recent call last): File "spyce.py", line 319, in commonHandler thespyce.spyceDestroy(theError) File "spyce.py", line 636, in spyceDestroy mod.finish(theError) File "modules/error.py", line 24, in finish self.handler(self) File "modules/error.py", line 19, in <lambda> self.handler = lambda self, pageerrorType=pageerrorType, pageerrorData=pageerrorData: spyceHandler(self, pageerrorData, pageerrorType) File "modules/error.py", line 72, in spyceHandler code = errorModule._api.spyceString(spyceCode) File "spyce.py", line 739, in spyceString return getServer().spyce_cache[('string', code)] File "spyceCache.py", line 145, in __getitem__ return self.get(key) File "spyceCache.py", line 129, in get raise "couldn't lock %s -- did you set tmp to be a writable directory in your spyceconf?\n\nexact exception was %s" % (self.lock.name, spyceUtil.exceptionString()) couldn't lock /tmp/spycecache.lock -- did you set tmp to be a writable directory in your spyceconf? exact exception was Traceback (most recent call last): File "spyceCache.py", line 126, in get self.lock.lock() File "spyceLock.py", line 98, in lock self.f=open(self.name, 'w') IOError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/tmp/spycecache.lock' 

All three servers Spyce installations use the built-in server and, as far as I know, the default caching. (I don't think that any of them set "tmp" in the config file, but I cannot state this categorically as I am traveling and away from the machines at the moment.)

 I have some ideas for a workaround, but I am sending this in immediately since the error message says "please report!"