I have been trying to get Spyce running in Windows Vista Home.  I get the following error message in IPython:

In [3]: run spyceCmd.py -l
# Spawning another server (for check_modules_and_restart option)
# Running reloading file monitor (for check_modules_and_restart option)
# Starting Spyce web server. v2.1
#   Configuration - C:\Spyce\spyce-2.1\spyceconf.py
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Spyce\spyce-2.1\spyceTag.py", line 254, in loadLib
    self._server.loadModule(libname, libfrom, rel_file)(libas)
  File "C:\Spyce\spyce-2.1\spyce.py", line 273, in loadModule
    return loadModuleHelper()
  File "C:\Spyce\spyce-2.1\spyce.py", line 241, in loadModuleHelper
    f = os.tmpfile()
OSError: [Errno 13] Permission denied

I have tried commenting out the temp file lines in the spyceconf file, resetting permissions on the spyce files and setting these files as 'trusted' in my firewall program including windows defender. The only thing I haven't tried is commenting out line 241 in the spyce.py file. Does anyone have any advice?  Thanks.