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spring-json / News: Recent posts

Demoapplication is now provieded as Application at GAE

Demoapplication is provieded as Application at GAE (Google Application Engine)

Take a look at

Posted by Kai Ulrich 2009-07-01

spring-json view 1.2 released

spring-json takes the next step - v1.2.

A lot of features were added and bugs are resolved. (see Bug Tracking System and Feature Request Tracking System)

1. streaming support added: The new integration of XStream.

* JsonWriterConfiguratorTemplates
* convertAllMapValues support
* path binding support
* "keep unconverted value types" support: keeps boolean and numeric value types like specificated for the json protokoll.... read more

Posted by Kai Ulrich 2009-05-27

spring-Json 1.1 added to maven 2 central

Spring-Json 1.1 added to maven 2 central and project repository

1. maven 2 central repository
2. project repository

Posted by Kai Ulrich 2008-12-06

spring-json view 1.1 released

New Features

a. JsonWriterConfiguratorTemplate for sojo writer

The SojoJsonWriterConfiguratorTemplates adds additional functionality
to the spring-json view such as "excluding properties from the

b. Javascript Hijacking Protection

To protect against Javascript hijacking as described in Fortify's paper Json objects may be optionally wrapped within Javascript comments. Thanks to Hodge for original suggestion.... read more

Posted by Kai Ulrich 2008-11-23

spring-json 1.0 released

New features

Json-lib writer support added.

The binding capabilities of the JsonlibJsonWriter are comparatively weak. You can just bind a CustomEditor to Global value class types like java.util.Date for the whole Model Map. (You can't specify single bean properties or indexed properties in a collection !!!)

I didn't figure out how to customize json-lib the way we need it. So if anybody knows a way that enables json-lib... read more

Posted by Kai Ulrich 2008-05-12

spring-json view 0.1 final released

spring-json view 0.1 final released

Spring json-view adds JavaScript Object Notation (json) support to Spring-MVC.

Basically, it is an implementation of an AbstractView. It adds a Spring BindingResult, Field- and GlobalErrors (errorhandling), executes validations and
PropertyEditors to convert propertyvalues to a display string. But it also
provides some useful features to serve Ajax-Frameworks, for example prototype
like the Error Handling. And of course it transforms the model to a Json
String.... read more

Posted by Kai Ulrich 2008-03-11

spring-json view 0.1-beta-2 is released

So what are the major changes in this release ?

1. Improved Junit-Coverage
2. Demoapplication encoding problem solved
3. Several bugs fixed

Thanks to all who are interested in this project. We had about 104 downloads until now :-)
feedback appreciated

So what do you think? How can we improve the core-functionality? What features do you miss? Please share your thinkings with us. Just example post them to the open-discusion form or to the mailinglist. Any feedback would be appreciated.
looking forward... read more

Posted by Kai Ulrich 2008-03-02

The spring-json view 0.1-beta-1 is released now.

This Spring Json View is deeply integrated into the spring
mvc-module. It can be used with all kind of standard controllers which
the springmvc supports by default eg. the SimpleFormController.

It can be configurated by the spring way!
It supports spring way errorhandling including global, field and binding errors!
It supports the spring way validation by ValidatorBeans!
It supports the spring way by converting bean property values for
the view. (Please see the initBinder() method of the
SimpleFormController)!... read more

Posted by Kai Ulrich 2008-02-13