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#43 Training plan support


Hi @ All,

I want to renew the training plan feature request, respectively give some ideas for this feature ;-)

Today I have found a program called "BikeXperience" ( You can run it on Linux too. For me this program is in the whole not usable because there is no srd-file support...and its not open source. But it has a nice feature for planning your training.

BikeXperience plans your training by setting the amount of kilometers per year automatically. I personally don't like this automatic plan, because its not very individual, but I like the way the result looks like.

You can see (diagram or table) the total amount of kilometers and time per week including the heartrate zones.

I personally would like to manually set the amount of time I want to spend at a special heartrate level per week (kilometers are not useful for planning - important is the time you spend at a special heartrate level). The plan could be displayed in a short way within the weekly summary in the calender. Additionally a target/actual comparison would be helpful.

I know there are actually no heartrate zones but in future at least 4, better 5 zones will be useful.

Thanks a lot for this great program :-)


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    Hi Tim,

    thanks for the link to the BikeXperience software. It's a very interesting application. Unfortunately it's not open source and the user interface is quite complex.
    Anyway, it could become quite helpfull when we going to start adding tranining support.