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ST only loads old OpenStreetMaps-tiles

  • Hi,
    i'm cycling around and where i find some missing or wrong tracks i'm editing them to OSM-Maps afterwards.

    But Sportstracker won't load the new-map-tiles, although they're are now already over 20 days old.
    I've cleared map- and media-cache a hundred times, installed the newest ST-version, deleted the map-info on the cellphone via USB, but still get only the old tiles loaded.

    Any suggestions?
    i want _my _maps…

  • jede28

    Sorry for the late respone, I was not at home this week.
    AFAIK the map tiles are not cached in SportsTracker. It uses the MapViewer component from the SwingLabs project (swinglabs.org) with the default settings. So it could be a problem of the SwingLabs component or the downloaded tiles from OpenStreetMap are not what you expect.

    Where have you deleted the map- and media-cache?

    Bye, Stefan

  • Sorry for the _very _late response^^
    ST caches. i have all the map tiles caches in /system/data/STMaps/street/trt/ and here are many folders named qty, rqs, rrt, sqs…. and so on. The tiles are named like trtqtqrq.jpg oder trtqtqrsqqtqqt.jpg
    All together i have now over 6.500 tiles cached with about 60megabytes.

    Map and mediacache deleted in the ST-Menu (probably may be named different, i'm using the german version) - Settings/general settings/here options and delete map-cache or delete media-cache.

    I also tried removing the folder via USB or removing the whole program and re-installing.
    Nothing worked.

    I always get the old tiles. (now about two months old)

    so long… thanks.

  • jede28

    OMG, you're talking about Sports Tracker from Nokia? You're wrong here - that's another project.

    Unfortunately Nokia uses the same name as my project (my project is older :-) ), that's why there is often confusion …

    Bye, Stefan