F[6] Parser

  • Hello,

    I'm planning to implement a RAW parser for the Polar F6 heartrate monitor (which might probably work for other F-Series models too). For decoding the SonicLink signal, rs200_decode with RAW output works fine. However, the F6 transmits the whole memory, i.e. the last 10 exercises plus some totals, which therefore also end up in the RAW file. Now I was wondering how to handle that and (if applicable) how this is handled in other parsers.

    Should the parser only read the most recent exercise or should the user be given the possibility to choose which exercise to export? In the latter case, I think there should be added another panel or dialog to PolarViewer?


    • jede28

      Hi Roland,

      sounds great, I hope you will succeed.
      Exercise files are always just for one exercise. They are mapped 1:1 to SportsTracker exercises, this needs to be kept. So it's the issue of (your) download tool, to split it correctly into separate files.
      I suggest to to contact the author of the rs200_decode tool, maybe he had similar problems ...


    • Hello Stefan,

      Thanks for your fast answer.

      I'll check what I can do and come back to this issue, hopefully with a patch ;)