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Spong 2.8.0 beta 2 with fixed installer

Due to missing doc files the installer for beta 1 aborted. This and a few other minor things are fixed now.

Posted by Jan Willamowius 2005-09-30

Spong 2.8.0 beta 1

After a long period of silence a new version of Spong is under development. Please try the beta and give feedback on the mailinglist !

Posted by Jan Willamowius 2005-09-28

Spong still under development

I'll be assisting in the management of the Spong development from this point forward. I'm now working with Stephen to try to bring the development I've been doing and the current CVS into sync and to make it available publicly.

Your continued support and contributions will be greatly appreciated.

Posted by alan premselaar 2004-07-24

New check_raid spong-client module available

A new spong-client plugin module 'check_raid' is now available on the Spong Downloads page at http://spong.sourceforge.net/downloads.html#check_raid .

check_raid is a module for checking Linux MD Raid devices. Just install the modules to SPONG/lib/Spong/Client/plugins and add "raid" to $CHECKS in spong.conf.

Posted by Stephen L Johnson 2002-12-16

Spong 2.7.6a has been released

This is a minor bug fix release. Two spong-client plugin modules check_disk and check_cpu are affected.

Spong 2.7.6a is available from the usual locations. It is available from the CVS respository with the "spong-2_7_6a" tag. It can be downloaded from the File Release page for Spong at http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=4965

Posted by Stephen L Johnson 2001-09-28

Spong 2.7.6 has been released

It's been a while but a Spong 2.7.6 is out. There are numberous bug fixed. Changes to most plugin module to prevent zombies and mysterious core dumps in spong-client and spong-network. And a few new features. And the CHANGES file is gone. It has been replaced by the ChangeLog file generate from the CVS logs.

A new beta check_memory spong-client module that check real and virtual memory. A new --nodaemonize parameter for Spong programs. The spong-server data_rrd_disk module now handles NT disks reported from spong-nt-client. And the 'host' command can be used in the check_dns spong-network module.... read more

Posted by Stephen L Johnson 2001-09-17

Spong IRC Channel

I've registered a #spong channged on the OpenProjects IRC Network. I try to hang around there whenever I can. If you need some help, have a question, or just want to say hi, drop on in. Connect to irc.openprojects.net and then '/join #spong'

Hope yo see you there.

Posted by Stephen L Johnson 2001-05-07