#8 samsung CLX-3185FW support

ppd (2)

Please consider adding samsung CLX-3185FW support.. There is PPD file in samsung unified driver 3.80 but not sure if it's supposed to work with splix.


  • Till Kamppeter
    Till Kamppeter

    A PPD file for Samsung's unified driver does not work with SpliX, it contains instructions of how to call the filters of Samsung's driver. SpliX has special PPD files which are made for SpliX.

    If you want to find out whether your printer works with SpliX, try SpliX PPD files of other models. Then tell us whether there are PPD which work and which one works best. Then we can create a SpliX PPD file for your printer.

  • Tested current 20121025 svn version.

    My CLX-3185FW was tested with CLX-3160, CLX-2170 and CLX-216X splix drivers.

    Unfortunately printer with all above drivers prints only:

    "SPL-C ERROR - Please use the proper driver

    POSITION : 0x0 (0)

    SYSTEM : src_5.47/xl_image

    LINE : 629

    VERSION : SPL-C 5.47 01-15-2010"

    Which driver I should try next?

  • CLP-315 - fetches A4 paper, then stops, reboots itself and pushes empty A4 paper out
    CLP-310 - same as CLP315
    CLP-600 - same as CLX-3160 from previous comment

    "SPL-C ERROR - uw_color < 5

    POSITION : 0x0 (0)

    SYSTEM : src_5.47/xl_image

    LINE : 754

    VERSION : SPL-C 5.47 01-15-2010"

    SF-565P - same as CLX-3160