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Printing problem with scx4200

  • Marco Paunescu
    Marco Paunescu

    Hello, I just installed my printer using spl drivers and it's finally working (samsung drivers haven't been working for quite a few months on my machine).

    The only error cups gave at the beginning was starting the rastertosamsungspl filter, which I worked around by copying /usr/local/bin/samsung/rastertosamsungspl and /usr/local/bin/samsung/rastertosamsungspl.0 under /usr/lib/cups/filter.

    Now it's working, but the printing area is too high, in fact the first line would begin at the very top of the page, but the first 5 millimeters are cut (not printed).

    How can I set it correctly? Is the rastertosamsungspl copy I did actually proper?

    Thanks in advance