Samsung CLP-365W (almost) works

  • Samsung CLP-365W works with Ubuntu's splix-2.0.0+svn306 package, when configured as CLP-315.

    Of course the PPD doesn't match entirely, for instance it lists resolutions like 1200x600 not supported that printer. Also toner saving options, and even more esoteric options "Trapping" or "Edge Enhance" (what are they doing, btw?) from Samsung's CLP-360.ppd are missing.

    Biggest issue is color calibration. Print outs are way too dark. But then I just used the stock driver as found on Ubuntu 12.10 and didn't play with "make installcms". Still wondering how that bits are supposed to work.

  • …seems Samsung's Universal driver provides a CLP-360sc.cts file. Any idea how to convert this into a cms or cms2 file as supported by CUPS?