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Passing the torch

It works, it's pretty stable, it performs well, and I am no longer doing very much with it. If you are running Spinner Wiki yourself, please continue to enjoy it. If you're interested in joining the project and/or taking it over, let's talk.

Posted by W. Bruce Dodson 2003-11-08

DolphinWikiWeb moved

DolphinWikiWeb disappeared briefly, but now appears to up and running on a different server: http://www.object-arts.co.uk/cgi-local/view.pl/Dolphin. Those running Spinner-Wiki may want to update the relevant entries in intermap.txt, and remove any cached / pre-generated HTML pages. In case it helps, an updated intermap.txt is in the file-upload area: http://spinner-wiki.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/upload.pl/intermap.txt.

Posted by W. Bruce Dodson 2003-04-08

Spinner-Wiki updated

Although interim releases happen through the file area on the Wiki itself, it's time for another SF file release.

Spinner-Wiki has been changing in very small steps - a performance tweak here, a bug fix there. I would have to characterize it as "pretty stable" at this point. Please see the release notes at http://sf.net/projects/spinner-wiki/, or browse the demo site at http://spinner-wiki.sf.net/.

Posted by W. Bruce Dodson 2002-12-19

Spinner-Wiki up and running

Spinner Wiki is up and running. It required some tweaking to get it working in an environment where I am a user, not an administrator, but I think it's looking good now.

Currently the Wiki is wide open (no passwords) so it can be tested as much as possible. I have the content backed up, so if anything goes terribly wrong I'll be able to restore.


Source code is not in the SourceForge file release system; it's in the "File upload area" within the Wiki.

Posted by Bruce Dodson 2002-06-12

won't be long now

A few other things have taken priority but this Wiki clone will be published sometime in the first half of June

Posted by Bruce Dodson 2002-05-22