Feature Request: add Bookmarks to Tasks

  • RonCam

    The Spicebird Task description box needs a column on the right where you can drag Bookmarks that are relevant to the Task.  Note that this box now has only one large area for text entry:

    For comparison, here is StarOffice Task:

    Note the Bookmarks are shown by title, and the raw html address is hidden; and,
    - there is a PDF file in the links; any file stored on one's system can be dragged here as a Bookmark.
    - the envelope icon will open the corresponding E-mail message when linked.
    - the white page icon with the blue globe represents regular Bookmarks to the Internet.
    - another Task, or a Calendar entry, that refers to the Task, may be dragged here as a Bookmark.
    - the Also Refer To entries can be kept in sync with the _Description _lines, to provide detail as to the Bookmark's relevance to the Task.

    Feature Request: can something similar to the added utility of the illustrated StarOffice Task manager be implemented in Spicebird?  Then I'd be ready to switch …

    The StarOffice Task illustration may disappear if not accessed within three months, so look now! ;-)

  • Prasad Sunkari
    Prasad Sunkari

    Currently the task display pane is completely read-only.
    … and in future we do plan to get a more functionality (atleast basic editing) into it.

    Thanks for you comment.

  • RonCam

    Thanks for considering adding this feature.  It would considerably enhance the utility of the Task Description/Comment area.

    As far as adding basic editing functionality, the present Spicebird pane and the StarOffice Description pane now do behave identically.  The difference is not here, but in the functionality of the StarOffice 'Also refer to' pane, in the way it reacts to dragged Bookmarks.  This difference goes beyond, and has nothing to do, with enhanced text editing.

    If Spicebird is to gain this feature, most likely someone involved in development would have load a copy of the StarOffice suite, and actually use the feature - to save time and effort by avoiding 'reinventing the wheel'.  In the end, this will be easier than trying to explain it with words. 

    Good luck with the project! 

  • RonCam

    Oh, well … two years later and … nada.  The project seems stalled??