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Welcome to the wiki!

-- Wiki is a working progress. Please forgive its simplicity --

To download JMonkey SDK please visit the JMonkey site

This project uses git as its version control tool.
To add git follow the following steps:
1. In JMonkey3 SDK go to Tools>Plugins>Settings
2. Click on "add" button to add an update center
3. name it whatever you want (i named it git since thats where i will get git from)
4. paste the following URL in the URL field http://plugins.netbeans.org/nbpluginportal/updates/7.0/catalog.xml
5. hit "ok"
6. go to the "available plugins" tab and download the git plugin.
7. now you're ready to use git plugin to create and manage repositories for your project.

A great resource for developing with JMonkey3 SDK is jmonkeyengine.org. Their tutorials are a great way to learn to use JMonkey3 in a short time. I have uploaded, and still am adding to it, a tutorials file with links to the JMonkey3 tutorial page, other resources and some cheat-sheet material to use as a reference when starting out.

Se attachments for more information.